What is GEOINT Services?

With the creation of ICITE and community resources such as C2S, it is now time for NGA to deliver its capabilities as an integrated set of "GEOINT Services" that every part of the IC and the larger national security community can, on any and all security domains, systematically depend on as a building block of their larger capability sets. This GEOINT Services initiative will synchronize the delivery of all the necessary PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS capabilities within the operational contexts of our mission partners across every network that they live on. This will not mean the migration of stovepipes into the Cloud. Rather, GEOINT Services will draw upon extensive lessons learned - and will leverage best of breed open source and closed source capabilities already deployed within the NSG, blending them to rapidly meet mission needs.

Vision Statement

Revolutionizing delivery of geospatial content, services and applications. When and where you need them.

Mission Statement

GEOINT Services will transform the NGA operating model; providing all users the ability to find, get, use and contribute geospatial data, content and capabilities on all domains, at all times, in any mission environment.

GEOINT Services is:

All Security Domains: GEOINT Services will meet all of our mission partners on the networks where they live, all the way down to the WWW.

Open Geospatial Consortium compliant: GEOINT Services will not only take full advantage of OGC service interfaces and encodings, but will fully engage the OGC process to ensure that gaps in our production architecture are closed rapidly with standards-based, interoperable solutions.

Cross Domain: GEOINT Services will use ICD503 PL5 cross-domain security solutions to the greatest extent possible in order to reduce redundancy of storage and to eliminate unnecessary mission latencies.

NSG Friendly: NGA's GEOINT Services will be designed to augment, not replace, the mission systems of our NSG partners, unless those partners seek to retire capability. In that event, the GEOINT Services architecture will ensure the necessary quality of service to meet their mission needs.

Activity Based: GEOINT Services, at its core, will support the timely integration of all manner of spatio-temporal data sources, and will allow analysts to engage in Structured Observation Management (SOM) and Object Based Production (OBP) in support of persistent analytic methodologies that help us better understand always evolving threats.

Global in Coverage: With Map of the World as its guide, GEOINT Services will ensure that all NGA and NSG holdings are brought together seamlessly to provide global coverage to our users. GEOINT Services will act swiftly to incorporate every feasible data source in order to eliminate unnecessary gaps in coverage for our analysts and our mission partners.

Operationally Integrated: GEOINT Services will provide infrastructure and workflows that are integrated into those of our defense, intelligence, diplomacy, and development operators - no matter how austere their operating environment.

Analytically Rich: With the increasing size and volatility of our GEOINT datastores, it is critical that many of the spatio-temporal analytic processes that we have traditionally done on workstations now be done in the Cloud.

Narratively Inspired: GEOINT is more than well-ordered spatio-temporal data. It is about the stories that analysts discover within this data. As such, GEOINT Services will enable analysts to provide geospatial narratives and counter-narratives for policymakers, operators, and the larger analytical community.

Agile in Execution: Innovation in geospatial technology, data and methodologies will never stand still. As such, GEOINT Services must be agile in its execution so that new technologies, data, and techniques can be moved into production at a pace that exceeds that of our evolving threats.

The GEOINT Services team is committed to leveraging new and innovative solutions. If you have technology, ideas, data sources or skills to help NGA and the NSG realize this vision of GEOINT Services - contact us or join the conversation.